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 Kansas City, KS  66111
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James Johann

Stand Up Comedy
James Johann, born in the Midwest in the 70’s era of bell-bottom jeans, wood paneled station wagons, and disco music. His childhood upbringing was significantly influenced by country music, bad haircuts, and heavy doses of Catholic school. In 1991, after being fired from several “McJobs,” James began his standup career in Kansas City. James’ boyish appearance, self-deprecating sense of humor and high-energy style all come together to create a unique onstage persona. His comedy hits upon the universal theme of failure and it provides a truthful and hilarious reflection of life as he sees it.
Information: Reservations required: 913-400-7500
Price: $12-$35

 • Wed 5/14-Thu 5/15 at 8pm 
 • Fri 5/16-Sat 5/17 at 7:45pm and 9:45pm